The first community-based connected device dedicated to asthma

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The connected revolution is changing the way we think about healthcare. Data from these devices is now accurate enough to be scientifically validatated and to help health professionals to adapt and personalize patients’ care.

Respiratory diseases such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are often treated with inhaled medication thanks to metered-dose inhalers or dry powder inhalers.

Connect’inh includes a smartphone application paired with a device that fits on any inhaler of this kind*. Connected via Bluetooth, the device registers every use of the inhaler (time, frequency and location) and gives information about the risk factors around you (pollution and allergy triggers). All the information provided is available on the patient’s application.

Connect'inh, live your asthma differently

Universal Device

Can easily fit all kind of metered-dose inhalers.

Intuitive App

Designed to simplify asthma follow-up.

Active Community

A strong active community based on assistance and sharing.

Useful Data

Monitor pollution & pollen levels in real time.

A unique device

Connectinh was designed to fit perfectly into the daily life of people suffering from asthma without forcing them to change their habits. Using the device opens access to new and useful information (statistics on medication, access air quality data …). Moreover, patients are free to share data with their medical advisors to help them adjust their care and treatment.

At the crossroads of Health and Technology

An intuitive app

Available for free, the CONNECT’INH APP displays a set of statistics on usage and support patients in their everyday life to ensure better care.

A collaborative space for mutual-aid

An active community

Thanks to the collaborative space, patients using the app become involved in the community. They have the possibility, if they wish, to enrich environmental data by simply warning the community (respiratory discomfort area, inhaler sharing, pharmacies near you…).