Solution based on research and analysis of drug safety signals. Find out what we can learn from social networks about medicine.

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Social networks have become the preferred way to find information on medication. The Internet has made medical information more accessible and knowledge is at our fingertips. We can now connect with people suffering from the same symptoms or diseases. Patients share on forums, Facebook or Twitter their experiences, their disease, treatment, healthcare. This amount of data can’t be ignored anymore.

Browse, listen and analyze patients' experiences

26 million of analyzed messages

26 monitored data sources

500 drugs under surveillance

12 years of analyzed historical data

Health 2.0

Our solution is dedicated to all professionals willing to know what patients reveal on internet about their products. With DETEC’t we take advantage of all our expertise as a CRO in an innovative solution. We want to bring with DETEC’t new evaluation indicators about a treatment and refine analysis on patients experience. We contribute to your drug safety monitoring by detecting new signals never treated before.

Patients talk. We translate this new echo for you.

New insights

Thanks to natural language processing (NLP), DETEC’t technology browse discussion forums and social networks to extract relevant information allowing us to identify real medicine challenges.