First European social network gathering patients experience from the web.

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The amount of data available on the web is growing exponentially everyday. Finding the right information has become more difficult. That’s why we came up with MediVoice, to offer an innovative tool to search health information.

A new way to stay informed

MediVoice was designed to easily find the right information on a specific drug. We offer a new user experience based on serenity and a quick access to relevant information.

Search engine

Social network

Health Information

An intuitive experience

A search engine for medicine

This tool alerts you when favorite websites are updated.

Thanks to MediVoice, when you search a drug, our system lets you access a report on recent content (patient experience, articles…) shared on social networks and forum specialized in health.

A united community

A collaborative space to encourage sharing

User take part in an active community based on trust and mutual aid to favor shared experiences on medicine.

Stay informed

Reliable news

The community can enjoy a personalized news feed based on information intelligence according to its interests. Articles are written by experts especially for the community.