First personalized learning program for patients suffering from asthma.

Prevalence of respiratory diseases surged in the last decade. More than 8 million French suffer from asthma and COPD, which require continuous care. These diseases have a huge impact on quality of life. That’s why we designed W’asm, a innovative solution to enhance intake of inhaled treatments.

An innovative solution for patient management in asthma

W’ASM offers to people using inhaled treatment a custom assistance to improve their drug intake and their knowledge on their disease.

Video analysis

Video analysis to improve how people take their treatment


A personalized support program composed of edutainment modules

A platform dedicated to the patient

For a better medicine intake

Thanks to our video analysis module, patients can evaluate how good they take their inhaled treatment and correct what went wrong. The better a patient takes his or her treatment, the more efficient the medicine will be.

Developed together with patients and health professionals

A day to day patient care

An edutainment space contains educational modules helping the patient develop a knowledge about asthma in different contexts. Built as a map of “asthma”, the patient can move according to the modules best suited for him and his weaknesses regarding his disease.

Wasm Box, designed for Health professionals

To easily follow your patients

W’ASM BOW was designed for Health professionals working on respiratory diseases and can assist them in the care and follow up of their patients suffering from asthma and COPD. The practician will be informed of his or her patients progress thanks to relevant indicators (number of crisis, better medicine intake …)


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