Who are we?

Kap Code is a French start-up founded by the directors of the CRO Kappa Santé. Our multi-disciplinary team is determined to explore digital health and its applications.


Dedicated to innovation in Health

Connected devices, Big Data and digital health are changing the Health sector and its stakeholders on a long-term basis. Kap-Code has firmly placed itself at the center of this digital shift by extracting, analyzing and interpreting medical data from the web, offering solutions for chronic diseases and assisting pharmaceutical companies in their digital transition.

Our values, our commitment



We place the patient at the center of our activity in order to meet their needs and to develop solutions for them.


Our multidisciplinary team includes doctors, pharmacists, engineers and data-scientists who work together on recent issues that patients encounter.


We work together with different actors in order to bring the best solutions to the modern healthcare system that is steadily developing with new technologies.


Data protection is essential to us in the completion of any of our projects. We ensure transparency and ethics in our data policy

Kappa Santé, société spécialisée en épidémiologie, en pharmaco-épidémiologie et dans les interventions en santé publique et numérique.

Kappa Santé is a company specialized in epidemiology, pharmaco-epidemiology and public and digital health interventions. It offers proven expertise, both at a national and international level, as well as full services. The diversity of knowledge fuels the company’s projects, from ideas to publications.

After years of professional experience at Kappa Santé, the founders Stéphane Schück and Nathalie Texier were impelled to create Detec’t, W’asm and Connect’inh, and to eventually group these three technologies in 2016 under a new brand – Kap Code. Kap Code shares with Kappa Santé the same values, the multidisciplinary approach and the scientific methods.