The first personalized support program to improve asthma patients' knowledge.

W'asm - The first personalized support program to improve asthma patients' knowledge
The prevalence of respiratory diseases has increased significantly over the last decade. More than 8 million French people suffer from asthma and COPD, diseases that require continuous care. These diseases have a significant impact on public health by altering the quality of life of patients. It is in this context that the solution W'asm support for the improvement in the use of inhaled treatments was born.

An innovative solution for the management of asthma patients

The solution W'asm offers all users of inhalation therapies a individual support in order to improve the gesture of taking medication as well as the knowledge related to the pathology.

Video analysis

A video analysis module for a better treatment gesture


A personalized support program composed of edutainment modules

A web platform dedicated to the patient

For a better intake of inhaled treatment

Thanks to the video analysis module, Internet users can appreciate the quality of their act of taking inhaled treatment so that the latter acts in an optimal way.

W'asm - For a better intake of inhaled treatment

A tool developed in collaboration with patients and health professionals

W'asm - For a daily support

For a daily accompaniment

A edutainment space with educational modules allows the patient to develop its knowledge on asthma, according to different contexts. This space is constructed as a map of "asthma" in which the patient can navigate according to his or her own learning issues regarding his or her pathology.

The W'asm Box, an offer dedicated to health professionals

To facilitate patient follow-up

Intended for health professionals working on respiratory diseases, the W'asm Box is designed to assist them in the management of patients with asthma and/or COPD. The health professional will be informed of the progress of his patients by having access to relevant indicators (number of seizures, improvement of the taking gesture, etc.).

W'asm - To facilitate the follow-up of asthma patients
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