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We are proud to announce that our new scientific publication, regarding the use of Detec’t, has been published. Detec’t is our data analysis program which uses social networks and medical forums as a source of pharmacovigilance information. The fruits of several months of collaborative work between Kap Code and Sanofi, this study set out to compare the adverse effects and pharmacovigilance signals of 3 drugs detected on social networks with that of the established data from the World Health Organization’s database (VigiBase). The data was found on social networks through our Detec’t platform. The aim of this study was to establish the usefulness as well as reliability of social network surveillance as a tool for early detection of pharmacovigilance signals.

How does it work?

To do this, an in-depth analysis of messages posted by patients between 2005 and 2015 was carried out by Detec’t, screening social networks for data on 3 drugs from 3 different therapeutic areas.

Analysis diagram of social networks data - Detec't

The analysis

The data obtained by Detec’t was then compared with the WHO database to measure its relevance as a tool for the early detection of pharmacovigilance signals.

The study found that 38% of the signals from VigiBase could have been detected earlier (sometimes several months before) thanks to the use of Detec’t.

These results suggest that the use of medical forums and social networks in France as a complementary data provider to traditional methods can lead to earlier detection of pharmacovigilance signals, thereby improving patient safety. Although further research is needed to ensure the reproducibility of such a solution worldwide, social networks appear to be a reliable source for data on adverse effects as well as subjective patient-related symptoms.

This study confirms the rigorous standards of efficiency and quality that we endeavor to offer our customers through Detec’t, as well as for all our other products.

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