Specialized in computer science (operating system, hardware, video games...), the company Microsoft is a major player in this sector throughout the world. Present in France for nearly 37 years, Microsoft France has positioned itself in favor of innovation and the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

A positioning that is reflected in its willingness to bring together large companies with high impact capabilities and new market startups, with their ambitions to innovate in various key sectors. Health, being one of these key sectors, has been greatly influenced by digital technology. Indeed, the digitization of health care allows a better management of patients with a personalized care path, as close as possible to their needs. This is mainly due to the collection of health data at each stage of the care process (making medical appointments, diagnosis, quality of life, etc.). The patient is thus placed at the heart of his or her health.

The use of health data becomes crucial. Aware of this health issue, Microsoft has joined forces with the laboratory AstraZeneca for an evolution in the care pathway. With the startups accelerator AI Factory Health, they provide young startups with the necessary tools to push innovation even further in the health sector. By joining this program, Kap Code was able to benefit from the technological expertise and personalized support of the large group. But also the medical knowledge of AstraZeneca. At present, Microsoft is still supporting Kap Code as regards technological and business development in the program Microsoft for Startups.

Numerous accompaniments that have paved the way for Microsoft to contribute to the Covid-19 topics, the project  Epilogue.

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