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Kap Code

Prairie : Kap Code associated partner

Kap Code joins the Prairie Institute ecosystem, one of four interdisciplinary French artificial intelligence institutes created as part of France's national strategy on artificial intelligence, announced by President Emmanuel Macron on March 29, 2018.

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Discover Kap Code

Kap Code is a startup dedicated to digital health and its applications that offers innovative digital solutions to better take into account the patient experience.
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Medical social listening

Based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing methods, Detec't is a tool that monitors the patient experience to extract data on quality of life, care pathways and unmet medical needs.

Digital transformation

Kap Code offers you personalized support for your digital projects

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Kap Code at the heart of research

A reliable and innovative expertise

The work carried out by Kap Code is highly valued scientifically.
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Patient support programs

Chronic diseases

Personalized support programs are designed to help patients learn and strengthen their knowledge of their chronic pathologies and to improve the patient-physician relationship.
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