With Detec't, get closer to the experience of patients and healthcare professionals shared on social networks, to improve your understanding and optimize your communication to the various stakeholders in healthcare.


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An innovative source of real-life data

1 in 3 French people talk about their health online. On social networks and discussion forums, patients speak spontaneously and in their own words about their experience of an illness, their care pathway, the impact on quality of life or their perception of treatments, questions, beliefs and knowledge associated with their health condition. New real-life data centered on patients, to be taken into account to better understand the patient experience. With the medical analysis of social networks and our artificial intelligence algorithms, based on validated methods and scales, patient language is translated into medical ontologies to identify insights.
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Tailor-made communication for patients

Social networks and discussion forums are a way for Internet users to express themselves on their pathology and their treatments. Beyond sharing experiences, these discussions are an opportunity for them to confide their fears and questions as well as to exchange advice on managing their disease.
With medical listening on social networks, get relevant insights directly from patients to better understand them, including for rare diseases. Thanks to this innovative understanding of the patient experience, refine your discourse and develop support tools that are as close as possible to the needs expressed by the various patient populations, adapted to their questions and their care pathway.

A better relationship with health professionals

Listening, observing and understanding the patient are essential to the care relationship. Patients, their relatives and caregivers testify online about the care pathway, unmet needs and their perception of the pathology and treatments. The analysis of social networks allows to highlight essential points about the medical needs of patients or their emotional states during their treatments. These elements can help healthcare professionals to better understand patients' expectations and to better support them. With the help of an innovative analysis based on the patient experience, strengthen your relationship with healthcare professionals by offering them resources to improve their daily practice.
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